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Dr. David Jacobs

Dr. David Jacobs, CEO and Founder

Dr. David Jacobs is the founder and CEO of the consulting firm IET – International Energy Transition GmbH. Previously, he was acting project director of the Transdisciplinary Panel on Energy Change at the Institute of Advanced Sustainability Studies in Potsdam and director of renewable energy projects at the consulting firm IFOK. He also worked as lecturer at the Environmental Policy Research Center of the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. Mr. Jacobs has an academic background in Economics and Languages and holds a PhD in political science.

He worked as a researcher and policy consultant for several governments and international organisations (e.g. IRENA, IEA-RETD, World Bank, UNEP, UNDP, OSCE, IDB, SE4ALL). He has authored over 60 articles, reports, books and book chapters on sustainable energy policy design in the developing and developed world. In addition to his research and consulting work in Europe and North America, he worked in many emerging economies and developing countries, including Azerbaijan, Ghana, Nigeria, Malaysia, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, Tunisia, Taiwan and Vietnam. Overall, his insights on renewable energy framework design have benefited more than 35 countries around the globe. Dr. Jacobs is also part of the expert network of the Clean Energy Solutions Center, which provides policy advice to decision makers internationally at no cost. He is also financial expert at the Clean Energy Finance Solution Center.

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In order to cover the global development of technologies, markets and policies, IET – International Energy Transition GmbH cooperates closely with a network of international consulting firms and experts.